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Unifi 55 Projector Lamp - Reset Hours


Resetting the Lamp Timer

After you replace the lamp, reset the lamp timer.

To reset the lamp timer 1. Press the power button on the extended control panel (ECP) or the remote 

control to start your interactive whiteboard system. 

The ECP’s power light turns solid green when the system starts.

2. Wait five minutes for the projector to warm up.

3. Press DOWN, UP, UP, LEFT, UP (DUULU) on the remote control to access the 

service menu.

4. Using the remote control, select the Lamp Hour Reset option, and then 

press OK.

Both Lamp Hour values (Standard and Economy) are reset to zero.


You’re unable to reset the Display Hour value because it’s the running total of 

hours that the projector has been in use.

5. Press the Menu button on the remote control.

The SMART UF55 Settings menu appears.

6. Select to confirm that Lamp Hours setting has been reset to 0.

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