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20-Point Board Orientation - How to


Each user should set 20 point orientation to be the default.

The 9 pt does not work well.

Each user has to do this once (set the 20 pt), and then the setting should hold for all users for quite a while, at least in theory.
1) TURN SMARTBOARD on, AND PRESS THE pc button to show the screen on the big screen.
2) click the smart control panel button (Click Start, Programs, SMARTBoard...etc.)
3) click SMART HARDWARE SETTINGS on the left gray menu bar
4) Select "Orientation/alignment settings" in the dropdown list in the middle of the window.
5) Select Fine (20 points) orientation.
6) Press OK and the click the Orient button (Click Start, Programs, SMARTBoard...etc.)

Click the orient button and then press all 20 hot points on the board, in order.

PS: If one user uses 9pt, then the subsequent users can expect the 9pt to throw a monkey wrench into things and each user will need to re-orient.

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