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Accent Marks on Chromebook

Date: 10-Feb-2014 6:41am
Name: Lisa Hardin
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Found the solution here:

I can walk folks through it as they need help. Here are the steps.

I would follow these steps except I don't think you need to enable the INTL keyboard, just the extended. You also don't need to add french as a language.

Chromebook Accent Characters
To do diacriticals/accents on a Chromebook:

Set up the input methods one time:

Click on user icon -> Settings -> scroll down, Show Advanced -> Languages -> Customize languages and input...
Under "Input method" check the "US International Keyboard" checkbox (Leave "US Keyboard" checked as well)
Click the "Add" button
Select "French"
Also check the “US Extended Keyboard”

When you’re done, your languages screens should look like these:

Exit the settings page. There will now be a little "US" between the clock and the network connection indicator in the lower right corner.
Go to the page/Doc where you want to do international input.
Use left-alt + left-shift; the "US" in the corner will change to "INTL" or “EXTD” or “FR” -- pick “INTL”

At this point, you can use the right "Alt" key as a modifier: for example, Right-Alt + e = é (with aigu accent)
When you are done, left-alt + left-shift will set it back to "US" (and right alt will just be alt again)

To enable Caps Lock: leftalt-search (magnifying glass key)

rightalt-e makes an é (aigu)
rightalt-a makes á
rightalt-5 makes € (Euro)
rightshift-6 then a makes â (circonflexe)
rightalt-n makes ñ
shift-rightalt-1 makes a ¡
rightalt-? makes a ¿

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