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Wipe Device Data


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You can clear all the local user data stored on your Chrome device by switching to developer mode and switching back to normal mode. This process will delete all of the data on the device reverting it back to the factory defaults.

This process is preferred to powerwashing the system because powerwashing the system causes the permissions to reset, delete user profiles, and causes the chromebook to not be easily enrolled in the system. All account information and data stored on the Chrome device that isn't synced with Google Chrome Sync, such as photos, downloaded files, and saved networks, is deleted during a wipe. After you've wiped the device, to manage it in your domain, you need to enroll the chromebook. The steps to wipe the device data can be found here: 



    1. Press ESC + Samsung Chromebook Refresh key + POWER. The screen displays a yellow exclamation point (!).

 1. Press CTRL + D to begin dev mode, then ENTER. The screen displays a red exclamation point.

 2. Press CTRL + D, then ENTER. The Chromebook deletes its local data, returning to its initial state. The deletion takes approximately 15 minutes.

 3. When the transaction completes, press the spacebar, then press ENTER to return to verified mode.

 4. IMPORTANT: enroll the Device. Press CTRL+ALT+E

     enter mcpc email and password.

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